Southern Seafood Westshore packs fresh local fish for diners

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I was invited to check out Southern Seafood for a complimentary lunch tasting recently. Southern Seafood is a seafood market in Westshore that also serves lunch and dinner with a number of items. I first heard about the market when I visited Pete’s Place in February of this year and met the owner Pete who told me about his plan to open a local seafood market that sources fish caught right in the waters of Tampa Bay.

I was not sure what to expect at first. One question people pose to me quite often when they visit Tampa is where to get fresh seafood, which is a surprisingly difficult question to answer, especially considering our proximity to water. Many restaurants and shops in Tampa claim to have “fresh seafood” but the overall product is often underwhelming in my experience. I am happy to say that is not the case with Southern Seafood.

From the moment you enter the seafood market, you can see the fresh catch on display. The fish comes straight from Hudson off the boat and to the seafood market. For lunch I decided to try their Fried Grouper Sandwich with french fries ($13.99). A couple of hungry fans sat next to me and I watched them order their food, everything they ate looked tasty.

The chef was nice enough to make us a sampler platter with sea bass, fried oyster, and shrimp and it was amazing. One of the things about shrimp is most restaurants seem to have at least one shrimp dish on the menu, but often shrimp can taste underwhelming. That is until you have an actually fresh shrimp, this one had so much flavor. I was in love. The photo hardly does the platter justice, but it was excellent. When the grouper came out I was taken for another delicious trip.

The grouper was one of the best grouper sandwiches I have ever had. It was packed with juice and this incredible taste that could not be beat. Every single bite left a lasting impression on my taste buds that left my yearning for more. It certainly beat many places that would boast they have the best grouper in Clearwater. Prices were fair at $10-$15 which is awesome for a fresh catch that will beat the touristy fish traps you may find across the bridge. The prices for fish to take home were also good and ranged from around $10-$20 a pound.

My fellow diner ordered this tasty looking Shrimp Po’ Boy which is on my list to have the next time I go to Southern Seafood. I will certainly go back soon because the seafood was excellent and I loved the local vibe of the market. It resonated well and I’m sure there will be lots of success to come for Southern Seafood in Westshore once people try the excellent food there. Definitely check it out.

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Restaurant Name: Southern Seafood

Cuisine: Seafood

Neighborhood: Westshore

Address:  3343 S Westshore Blvd. Tampa, FL 33629

Phone Number: (813) 513-3020



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