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As I mentioned in my review of Tequila Mexican Restaurant, finding authentic Mexican food can be a challenge in Tampa Bay. Also the various different styles found in Tampa are very different from what you’ll find in areas like Mission Street of San Francisco, my birthplace and upbringing that no doubt shapes every opinion I make on Mexican restaurants in the United States of America. I have been frequenting a food stand that is not so mobile on Fletcher Avenue near I-275 for the past few months and believe I have found something very close to that California Mexican food I crave.

At first I was a little skeptical, although I frequent many of the mobile food trucks that travel the Tampa Bay area – those food trucks are frequently inspected for health regulations and I have full confidence that they are not roach coaches. However, a mobile food stand could be subject to less inspections. I observed the wrap of the food stand first and then decided to investigate and found a business card at the front of the food stand, the professionalism knocked me a bit around and I decided to take the card home and look up their Facebook page. Alas, when I hit their Facebook page the photos of their food looked absolutely appetizing and I was convinced I had to give Tacos Gone Mobile a shot. I wasn’t sorry.

The famous red and green Mexican sauces. Which is your favorite?

The prices at Tacos Gone Mobile are affordable and you can get a full meal for under $10. The prices were notoriously cheap when I first visited and have slightly risen since then, perhaps because of increasing prices or sustainability needs. Regardless, the quality of the ingredients is surprisingly extremely fresh. Fresh avocados, tortillas, sour cream, refried beans, the works. Tacos Gone Mobile does not skip out on providing the full experience with a full set of ingredients included, which is something establishments in California have in common with this stand, where a Super Burrito is truly the works and not just rice and meat or just meat as I have found at some places in Tampa.

The employees are friendly and :drumroll please: they have Jarritos Mexican Soda! Any frequent reader to this blog knows I have an obsession with foreign sodas and Jarritos is one of my favorites! There are a variety of flavors to choice from, my favorite is pineapple. Drinks are also reasonably priced.

There is side seating next to the food stand, but with the surroundings on Fletcher you may want to grab the order to-go. No problem because they accept orders over the phone. If we visit during the day, we will eat under the covered stand, not wanting to sacrifice letting our food get cold. Here is hoping that Tacos Gone Mobile gets some recognition and can open a shop one day because their food is great.

If you love Mexican food, I implore you to stop by and give them a try. When I visit now I am not shocked to see people pull up and take over 4 or 5 takeout boxes with them, because this Mexican food is affordable, delicious, and cheap!

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Restaurant Name: Tacos Gone Mobile

Cuisine: Mexican

Neighborhood: USF

Address: 1309 E Fletcher Ave. Tampa, Florida 33613

Phone Number: (813) 400-9439


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  1. Artsnark says:

    Dang. Now I want tacos for breakfast. Great find – thanks for sharing

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