New Food Trend Alert: Ramen Burgers

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The latest buzz on the internet for foodies is Ramen Burgers. Like Cronuts, the Ramen Burger is now a trademark and gaining popularity rapidly. The burgers are wrapped in fried ramen instead of buns and I can certainly think of some crazy combinations for this burger. Teriyaki or Miso are two flavors that come to mind. Apparently, Keizo Shimamoto from NYC is planning to start a ramen burger restaurant and was recently featured on Good Morning America. The burger debuted at Smorgasburg’s food festival according to LA Times Food.

As a Japanese food and ramen lover, I can’t wait to see what chefs will make out of this whole thing. It is a great way to showcase ramen as more of a culinary food in places where people consider ramen to be cheap and flavorless food that only college students are subjected to. Of course, people who have tried authentic Japanese ramen would beg to differ.

This is the Shoyu Ramen Burger created by Keizo Shimamoto. Photo credit belongs to his website:

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  1. dana says:

    woah that looks really good, not so healthy lol but really good. as long as they dont use the ramen seasoning packets lolll :D

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