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Happy National Ice Cream Day! I don’t enjoy ice cream quite as often as I would like in Tampa Bay, but one place that has been consistently on my radar for months is Revolution Ice Cream in Brandon. Jeff Houck and Droolius from Orlando pop in frequently when they are in the neighborhood at this ice cream shop and left me drooling for some ice cream with their photos, which are sprinkled across the internet and social web.

I finally stopped at Revolution Ice Cream a few weeks back and gave it a shot after seeing their sticker at Cupcake Cache in Temple Terrace. What day could be better than today to share my experience with you? To start out with, Revolution Ice Cream is located on State Road 60 Highway in Brandon near Kings Avenue and is an easy miss if you don’t pay attention to the plazas in the area. When I visited they were working on construction for outdoor seating.

The interior of the ice cream shop certainly has a retro or hipster feel to it and is a fresh departure from the commercial Brandon establishments that boom in the area. The bathroom is filled with all kinds of old records if I recall correctly and the entire setup has the owners personalities sprinkled throughout. I love it when a local business owner’s character comes through their shop so perfectly.

The music being played inside is clearly indie or classic rock and further completes the vibe of the location. The flavors are all exciting and not your average choices. The one that drew my eye the most was the Chicken N Waffles, which came highly recommended by my foodie friends. The Nutter Fudger was also a must have. I will say that all the samples were great and should be tried so you can find the right taste for you. Prices are fair ($1.25-$7) and there is free Wi-Fi inside the shop so Revolution can also be a great place to chill and relax away from the hot Florida sun.

The owners were very friendly and happy to tell me their story and how they decided to set up shop in Brandon. Being a former Brandon resident, I definitely was considered about their location choice…but once I had their product, I felt confidant that they can draw lots of customers with just one taste of their ice cream.

The Nutter Fudger was excellent and packed with flavor. It was extremely different in both texture and taste from the ice cream I am accustomed to. Local ice cream shops are much like coffee shops, the huge influx of Coldstone and Starbucks chains really cut into the ability of those places to compete. I think that the financial crisis in 2008 has really focused peoples attention back to supporting local though, and the emergence of places like Revolution certainly does excite me for Tampa Bay.

The Chicken N Waffles ice cream in a waffle cone. This went above and beyond all the hype that my food friends were buzzing about and truly left me blown away. The flavors blended incredibly well and I realized as I took my first bite that it has been a very long time since I had an amazing ice cream cone with scooped ice cream and that I have been missing out! Tampa Luv Chicken (now closed) built my interest in Chicken N Waffles last year and Revolution Ice Cream took that to a whole new level.

As I consumed the entirety of the ice cream I ordered, I found myself completely impressed and hopeful that this ice cream shop will win the hearts and stomachs of not only Brandon residents, but people living in the entire Tampa Bay. The product is excellent and deserves its place in our local food scene. I am happy Jeff and Julius recommended it to me and will now recommend this shop as a place that you should put on your radar – even if you don’t live in the Brandon area. You won’t regret it.

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Restaurant Name: Revolution Ice Cream

Address: 220 West Brandon Boulevard Brandon, FL 33510

Phone Number: (813) 857-3250



Twitter: @RevIceCream

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  1. Jenn C says:

    I was just talking about this place tonight while I was eating at Old Farmers Creamery in St. Pete. The Rev has been on my to-do list for quite some time. Though I have been fortunate enough to try some of Bill’s ice cream. A while back I attended their launch party and was very excited about the flavor combinations that they were coming up with. I especially loved the chocolate habanero ice cream with raspberry sauce and the strawberry basil sorbet. I’m hoping to get there very soon. Maybe we can make the drive next weekend. I NEED some of that chicken waffles ice cream ASAP!

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