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When I moved to the University area near Temple Terrace, I knew I was entering the behemoth of fast food chains. Name a fast food chain, even if it is unsuccessful anywhere else in Tampa Bay, it likely has found a home with the cash and time strapped college students at the University of South Florida. During my first few weeks at my apartment, ordering pizza was becoming a regular thing when I forgot to take out meat or ran out of groceries. After having Pizza Hut, Domino’s, and every other gross pizza chain you can name – I started looking for something new.

Google was not pointing me in any direction, so I decided to try Yelp and came across a pizza shop called Pizza Squared on 30th Street by Busch Gardens and the Yuengling Beer Factory that had a 5-star rating. A 5-star rating is tough for a business with multiple reviews to maintain, there is usually at least one person who feels unhappy or disgruntled with a business. All the reviews were glowing and I thought to myself how I could have something tasty right under my nose. I had to investigate.

I headed to Pizza Squared and it looked like your regular pizza parlor from the outside. Inside was just as average as the outside. Everyone raved about this thing called “Detroit-Style Pizza” and I was wondering “does this really exist?” to myself. Wikipedia steered me to some information about this pizza calling it a “square pizza similar to Sicilian-style pizza that has a thick deep-dish crisp crust and toppings such as pepperoni and olives and is served with the marinara sauce on top”. I decided I couldn’t leave Pizza Squared without trying this Detroit-Style Pizza.

It did not take long to come out and the employees were very friendly to me when they heard it was my first visit.

This pizza was loaded. Pepperoni and gooey cheese were inside. Caramelized cheese crust and marinara sauce on top made the pizza very unique from you normally have in Tampa. The marinara was hearty and the entire dish just screamed of substance. It was absolutely delicious and incredibly filling to the point that I only finished about 3-4 out of 6 pieces with a struggle. It tasted way better than the New York style pizzas around most Tampa restaurants and it was affordable as well.

They deliver locally and also offer take-out and I would recommend giving this pizza spot a shot if you’re looking for some new, they also offer New York Style for those less adventurous diners. They just celebrated their first anniversary earlier this year so make sure you head out and give this fairly new local business some support against all the fast food chains in the area.

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Restaurant Name: Pizza Squared, Wings and More

Cuisine: Pizza, American

Neighborhood: USF, University

Address: 11124 30th St. Tampa, Florida 33612

Phone Number: (813) 632-0000


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