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As someone who loves Asian cuisine – MD Oriental Market has always been a popular stop for me. Although the one in Brandon was the one I normally frequented, I have increased my traffic at the Tampa location since moving north to Tampa. MD serves as an all-purpose oriental market. The only oriental market I have been to be more comprehensive in Tampa is the Oceanic Oriental Market, but MD is much more convenient so I hardly make it to Oceanic.

We’re ready to go exploring.

One thing MD carries is plenty of produce, dairy, and frozen goods. Sometimes when cooking Asian dishes, you have to rely on an oriental market for key ingredients. MD can be pretty affordable, prices tend to vary widely though so I would recommend checking the difference between MD and you local supermarket to see which one comes out cheaper.

M.D. offers tons of frozen goods. It certainly can bring some variety to your freezer from those generic supermarket frozen lunches and snacks.

One of the great things about MD is their stock of imported beverages. My personal favorite is called “ramune”, a Japanese carbonated beverage that comes in tons of flavors. It’s hard for me to resist buying ramune. Amazingly, ramune is only a summer beverage in Japan and only sold in certain districts, while in the USA it is sold year-round. I was surprised when I went to Tokyo last year and could not find one ramune bottle in any of the dozens of supermarkets I shopped in.

My friend’s personal favorite beverage: Mr. Brown Iced Coffee.

One of the other great things about MD is their huge ramen selection. My favorite ramen is Nissin Ramen. Nissin was actually the first company to create instant ramen in the mid 1900s. They have a variety of flavors you won’t find in regular grocery stores, such as Miso Ramen and Shoyu Ramen. These ramen flavors taste a thousand times better than the traditional ramen most Americans are used to eating and are still between 30-40 cents.

One of the other great things about MD is their selection of baked goods. Baked goods are normally brought in by local bakers and are great if you are looking for something quick to bring to a potluck or party. They are usually pretty inexpensive as well.

M.D. offers some quick meat for pickup in case you haven’t made plans for dinner and want to carry something out.

Each MD location has seafood options – important since so many Asian dishes call for seafood in them. Honestly looking at an eel creeps me out, although I love some unagi sushi.

Asian sweets are also a huge draw for me to oriental markets. The only thing is they are much more expensive and tend to be no more filling than a big of potato chips or candy bar. I try to make an effort to try a new Asian candy or snack on each visit.

Your cookware needs can also be addressed at MD. Most cooking supplies and china are very inexpensive. I have personally never bought any from MD so I cannot comment on the quality of these items.

Finally, MD has some kimchi selections that normally satisfy my cravings when I start to miss life in South Korea. Although I want to try making some fresh kimchi at home in the future, this is not a bad substitute. MD does not stock too many Korean goods besides kimchi, and I find that the oriental market next to One Family Korean Restaurant does a better job of that.

There you have it. MD has a large number of things available for reasonable prices. If you live out in Brandon, I recommend trying the one out there.

Name: MD Oriental Market

Address: 1106 E Fowler Ave. Tampa, FL 33612

Phone Number: (813) 868-1688

Neighborhood: Temple Terrace

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