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You love Puerto Rican food? Mata Monchies has you covered. They have a diverse set of options on the menu from sandwiches to mofongo to juices. The restaurant itself is quite small, so don’t bring a huge crowd unless you’re planning to take-out. The owner is very friendly and always makes it a point to converse with diners. Turns out we are both from Ponce in Puerto Rico, which was a cool discovery.

The restaurant honestly feels like home with Univision playing on television with the latest spanish soap operas. I know I felt like I was at home when I ordered tostones (fried plantains) and the lady asked me if I wanted mayo/ketchup with it, which is such a Puerto Rican thing and something that would definitely happen at home.

Mata Monchies is also very involved in the community and was a participant at the Cuban Sandwich Festival this year and the Taste of the Cuban Sandwich. They will also be involved with the 7th Annual Festival de Sabor in September of this year.

The portions are also very large so think about splitting something with a friend if you don’t have a large appetite. The portions also remind me of when you eat at home because in Spanish families, mothers always fill your plate to make sure you fill your appetite. My personal favorite was the chicharron de pollo, but honestly everything on this menu is excellent and most things are under $10!

Checkout Mata Monchies for some great Puerto Rican food and a taste of a Puerto Rican household. Oh and they have Malta India – which every Puerto Rican, including myself, loves! šŸ™‚

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Restaurant Name: Mata Monchies

Cuisine: Puerto Rican

Neighborhood: North Tampa

Address:Ā 9000 N Florida Ave.Ā Tampa,Ā FLĀ 33604

Phone Number:Ā (813) 443-0722


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  1. Mari says:

    Hey thanks for letting us know of a good Puerto Rican Restaurant in the Tampa Bay Area.. Are u Korean and Puerto Rican??

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