Belated Merry Christmas!

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I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I spent mine with my family. We ate and ate and ate (today I hit the treadmill for sure). We spent Christmas Day at Downtown Disney in Orlando, fun and chill time. Our Christmas Eve dinner was a feast!

So many things. The arroz con gandules was excellent!

My sister’s drunken chicken.

My Mom’s ham and pineapples. Mmmm.

My Aunt’s delicious deviled eggs! I always sneak one in before dinner.

My sister made an El Salvadorian dish called Panes Con Pollo (a different version of the original Panes Con Pavo) that was excellent. The sauce is sweet and goes perfectly in a sandwich. It was delicious and really stole the show at dinner.

As you can see I had a great Christmas dinner, I hope you guys did as well. Drop me a comment with what you did or what you ate, I’d love to know and Happy Holidays :)

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  1. Carlos,
    That’s the real deal! Great delicious hearty homey meal.
    I presume the 1st picture is rice with red beans. Yummy!
    Happy holidays to you & yours, Carlos!

  2. AJ says:

    I’d sneak some of your mom’s deviled eggs too! Happy new year of eating! :)

  3. Good job!! It was an awesome dinner.

  4. Salvadoreño says:

    Congratulations to your hermana on cocinar Panes con Pollo, I’m so glad that she stole the show. I Enjoy your website next time i’m in Tampa I will use it to go and enjoy all that wonderful food. When will you go out and eat Pupusas? Maybe tu hermana can make them for you. She must be Salvadoreña.

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